Warm Cold Repellent

Jan 03, 15 Warm Cold Repellent

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Autumn and Winter are the worst seasons for colds. Sore throat, stuffy nose, tired muscles, general lethargy and temperature are signs that the body is struggling against not-so-welcome bugs. Warm Cold Repellent Remedy Although a balanced diet, which includes lots of fruit and vegetables, strengthens the body’s immune system and is...

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Stop a Cold in its Tracks

How do we Stop a Cold in it’s tracks? Everyone knows the signs – an itchy throat or nose, the beginning of a heavy head, more tired than normal, aching muscles. Yes, unfortunately it can be the signal for the cold and flu season. With each change of season comes the dreaded possibility of succumbing to a cold or worse...

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Contrasting Views on Medical Marijuana

Sep 17, 14 Contrasting Views on Medical Marijuana

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Medical Marijuana – The National Marijuana News (“TNMNews”) will air a new episode featuring interviews with Congressman Dr. Andy Harris (R–MD), and Meiko Hester-Perez, founder of the Unconventional Foundation for Autism, on their website at  TheNationalMarijuanaNews.com and Internet radio station Live365. Dr....

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Health products from Proposis seeds

Health products from Proposis seeds are  ORGANIC, eco-friendly and proudly South African, Manna products were innovatively pioneered by Brandt Coetzee in the Northern Cape in 1997 – and are all made from the seeds of the alien invader Prosopis tree which originated from northern Mexico and southern Texas. “I was researching the...

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