Contrasting Views on Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana – The National Marijuana News (“TNMNews”) will air a new episode featuring interviews with Congressman Dr. Andy Harris (R–MD), and Meiko Hester-Perez, founder of the Unconventional Foundation for Autism, on their website at and Internet radio station Live365.

Dr. Andy Harris (R–MD)
Dr. Harris defends why he voted against a House Appropriations bill that would have blocked funds for Drug Enforcement Administration raids and seizures of medical marijuana businesses in states where it is legal to use and sell cannabis.

The Republican Senator from Maryland, who regards marijuana as a gateway drug to more dangerous drugs, believes that marijuana itself can itself be dangerous. Asserting that chronic cannabis use causes structural changes in the brain, Harris cites a study that indicates teens that become chronic marijuana users end up with an IQ that is six points lower than average by the age of thirty.

Dr. Harris acknowledges the presence of medicinal compounds in cannabis in the interview with TNMNews hosts Todd Denkin and Jen Gentile, but says he cannot get behind the “crude” means in which it is currently administered. Instead he advocates for FDA regulations, which include a clear chain of custody and implementation of product safety measures.

Harris, who studied and practiced as an anesthesiologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital for over three decades, says he supports much more research and trials using extracted compounds from the marijuana plant.

Meiko Hester-Perez
Meiko Hester-Perez and her autistic son, Joey, also join hosts Todd and Jen during the program. Hester-Perez, who grew up in a religious, law-enforcement family, discusses how medical marijuana saved her son’s life.

She also describes the work of her support organization, the Unconventional Foundation for Autism, and her efforts to assist families, caregivers, doctors, and healthcare administrators that support people living with autism.