What is reflexology

Reflexology has been around for many centuries however it is still treated as some mystical practice. The very essence of reflexology is based upon there being zones and areas of reflex directly related to various areas of the body. The practice of reflexology utilizes the applying of pressure to the various reflex areas via your...

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Dead and Injured Workers Remembered in Ireland

The Government, the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (Congress), Ibec and the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) today, Tuesday 28th April, collectively marked Workers’ Memorial Day Ireland – the newly established national and annual commemorative event to remember people killed, injured, made ill and bereaved through work...

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When a bug strikes

Apr 29, 15 When a bug strikes

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If you have been confined to bed recently with a severe infection (glandular fever, severe cold, flu, or bronchitis) your doctor will most probably have given you a course of antibiotics and the immediate symptoms will have disappeared. Unfortunately, antibiotics can be likened to using a sledge-hammer to kill a fly on the wall....

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Exercise-induced anaphylaxis

This article was provided in response to questions relating to ‘Why do I itch so badly soon after I start a run?’. Doctor Andrew Bosch – resident exercise physiologist Exercise-induced anaphylaxis: ‘Why do I itch so badly soon after I start?’ Anaphylaxis is the allergic response that people get in...

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Health concerns for Brazil Indians

An Indian woman from Earth’s most threatened tribe is fighting for her life after being contacted in Brazil’s north-eastern Amazon rainforest. Health disaster strikes recently contacted Indians in Brazil Jakarewyj, a member of the Awá tribe, has contracted flu and a severe respiratory disease after her group was “surrounded by...

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