No Fruit To Your Morning Porridge

Always thought of morning porridge with fruit and a dairy smoothie as healthy food options? Not quite! Holistic Nutritionist Elizabeth Montgomery explains why these (and other) food combinations will only hinder your digestion, and what food combinations you should opt for instead

Five faulty food combinations:

1) Animal protein and carbs
Different enzymes are required to breakdown these very different foods. When eaten together the foods to not get properly digested which leads to: indigestion, fermentation and putrefaction in the digestive tract.
2) Fruit with carbs
Fruit digests much more quickly than any other food. Many people think that adding fruit to porridge is a healthy breakfast option; however it will only hinder the digestive process. It’s better to always eat fruit on an empty stomach and ideally early in the morning.
3) Dairy with fruit
Smoothies are a breakfast favourite for many people. The problem is that yoghurt is an animal protein and when mixed with fruit will cause; inadequate digestion which leads to acidity, and fermentation in the GI tract.
4) Avoid drinking with meals
It’s best to avoid drinking large amounts of any fluid with meals otherwise the digestive enzymes will become diluted and hinder the digestive process. It\’s best to stop drinking 30min before ingested food and wait 2 hours after eating before drinking to ensure adequate digestion.
5) Melon after dinner for a healthy dessert
Melon is the one fruit that must be eaten alone, or left alone, as it takes slightly longer than other fruits to digest.

Five useful food combinations:

1) Carbs and vegetables such as brown rice and vegetables
2) Animal protein and non-starchy vegetables make for easy digestion, which will enhance one’s ability to breakdown the nutrients and eliminate efficiently. Prawns on a bed of green leaves with cucumber and fennel or grilled fish with lightly steamed green beans.
3) Bowl of seasonal fruit salad first thing in the morning. This is a gentle way to wake up the system.
4) Avocados combine well with either vegetables or fruits. This semi tropical fruit also works well in green smoothies and makes a great dairy replacement.
5) Aim to ingest denser proteins, especially animal-based ones earlier in the day to ensure adequate digestion.