Award For Good Health Practice

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Award For Being At Forefront Of Good Health Practice

Purely Nutrition, whose PhunkyFoods healthy eating programme is now used in more than 2000 primary schools, has again been recognised by the Royal Society for Public Health for improving children’s understanding of food and nutrition.

The PhunkyFoods programme teaches children up to the age of 11 about healthy eating through fun activities, including drama, music, crafts and games.

It is one of 12 organisations to receive a 2013 Health and Wellbeing Award from the Society for achievements in health improvement.

The Award is for two years and is related to the work by Purely Nutrition in improving children’s understanding of food and nutrition through the PhunkyFoods programme..

In making the Award the Society said it was impressed with the further development of the PhunkyFoods programme, particularly with the integration of a community engagement strategy, It added: “Purely Nutrition has also demonstrated itself to be an innovative and evolving organisation by their ongoing monitoring and evaluation process and joining together best practice and suitable guidance through its work.”

At the presentation ceremony in London the Society’s chief executive Shirley Cramer congratulated the winners for their achievements in improving the health of their communities, adding that their strong commitment to public health deserves commendation.

“Our assessment process has been extremely rigorous and this accolade denotes that our winners are at the forefront of good health practice,” she said.

Dr Jennie Cockroft, director of nutrition at Purely Nutrition said: “We are delighted to  receive this prestigious award from such a respected body for a second time as it is one which showcases the contribution of health promotion to public health in the UK.”

She added: “We are still in the midst of an obesity epidemic which is why it is crucially important that children from an early age gain a greater understanding of healthy eating.  What Purely Nutrition has created is an evidence-based, sustainable and achievable solution for healthy eating education at primary school level.”

It is 10 years since Dr Cockroft and managing director Sorrell Fearnall launched Purely Nutrition. Their strategies are not only recognised in the UK but also by European health organisations.